Grey Giants: The World of White Rhinos

White rhinos hold the title of being the second-largest land animals on Earth, just after elephants. They’re nearly twice the size of their ‘black’ counterparts, with a distinctive physique characterized by a hefty head, a hump on their shoulders, and a ridge along their spine that almost resembles a fin.


Rapid Response, Global Impact

At Alpha Aid, our team of elite specialists stands ready to respond to emergency situations across the globe. With expertise in extraction missions, medical aid, and crisis management, we are a beacon of hope in times of uncertainty. Our recent mission in Jerusalem is a […]


Combating Wildlife Crime

Combating Wildlife Crime Combating wildlife crime has many sides. It starts with the illegal hunting/shooting of protected animals, smuggling and selling them as commodities, to the financing of criminal organizations and terrorism. Killing an elephant for its tusk or killing a rhino to sell the […]