Emergency and Crisis Response

We provide swift and effective emergency response, deploying first responders, and offering immediate aid in disaster-stricken regions. Our commitment is unwavering, and our actions save lives, provide hope, and instill resilience.

Combatting Wildlife Crimes

We are dedicated to protecting our planet’s precious wildlife. Our anti-poaching and wildlife protection initiatives are making a tangible impact. From deploying specialized teams to implementing advanced monitoring technology, we are on the frontlines of the battle against wildlife crimes.

A Shift in Philanthropy

We believe in a shift from traditional philanthropy to creating self-sustaining communities. It’s about equipping individuals with the tools they need to thrive independently. We prioritize education and empowerment, transcending the boundaries of monetary handouts to foster lasting resilience.

Building Self-Sustaining Communities

Our approach is about teaching people how to fish rather than giving them a fish. Through education, skill development, sustainable farming, and more, we enable communities to generate their income, provide for their families, and contribute to their societies.

Greater Good Multipliers

Just as a single lit candle has the power to ignite many others, your actions in empowering others have a ripple effect, touching countless lives. It’s a beautiful reminder that, in the act of passing the flame of knowledge and empowerment, we collectively light up the world with positive change and create a brighter, more enlightened future.


Hermann Binek

Chairman of the Board

Hermann J. Binek’s life story is a testament to his unwavering dedication to service, his relentless pursuit of excellence, and his commitment to making the world a safer place. His legacy continues to inspire others to follow in his footsteps, leaving a lasting impact on the field of security and beyond.

Dr. Richard Horowitz

Secretary & Treasurer

Dr. Richard Horowitz’s extensive medical background, commitment to education, and innovative contributions to healthcare underscore his passion for improving medical systems and ensuring the well-being of individuals worldwide.

Paul Fegg-Holzeis


Paul Fegg-Holzeis is a true hero whose life’s work revolves around saving lives, whether in the depths of caves, the challenges of high mountains, or the unpredictability of emergency situations. His dedication and expertise make him a beacon of hope in the world of rescue and emergency medical services.

Bernd Curschmann

Bernd Curschmann grew up in southern Africa. His love of people and animals is reflected in his countless documentary projects. He is a wildlife cameraman with countless laurels to his name. He has long been fighting for ecologically sustainable nature tourism in Africa. Bernd is also an emergency medical technician and laboratory manager.


“Alpha Aid’s team goes above and beyond, delivering results with precision and compassion. I wholeheartedly recommend Alpha Aid for any endeavor requiring expertise and reliability.”

– Janis S.

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Give the most meaningful gift of all – the gift of compassion. We understand that the spirit of giving goes beyond material presents; it’s about creating a brighter, more compassionate world for everyone. That’s why we invite you to make a donation to Alpha Aid in the name of someone special to you.

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