Crises and Disasters in Conflict Regions and War Zones

Disaster areas such as earthquakes and floods need quick and unbureaucratic help from professionally trained rescue and paramedic workers. Alpha Aid helps with first aid, searching for missing people and building survival aids for the victims.

Our Crisis command system involves three major levels of management

Our Emergency Medical Teams (EMTs) are grouped into Incident Response Teams, Incident Management Team and Crisis Management Teams. These teams are an important part of the global emergency health workforce.

They provide countries with additional capacity and expertise to respond to public health disasters and emergencies.

A key feature of our medical teams is their self-sufficiency – all team members are fully trained, have the skills appropriate to the situation and bring their own equipment to avoid putting additional strain on the already overburdened national health systems of the countries where they are deployed.

There are many aid organizations that assist in crisis areas. There is no lack of volunteers or good will. However, professional help from specialists is rare. Throughout our travels, we’ve witnessed primary care, including immunizations and local recovery support, but not real emergency response teams that would be able help people survive their medical emergencies.

With both our rescue equipment and emergency medical expertise, we can be on-site in a crisis region, due to war or a natural disaster, and assist before locals suffer major damage to their health or even lose their lives.

We bring modern equipment and medicine, as well as the technical know-how and qualifications, to help people who no longer have a local emergency medical system they can trust. As a second step, we help to restore an emergency call system step by step by advising, training and networking with the local community.

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